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Study in Lithuania

Study in Lithuania

The border between Western and Eastern Europe is crossed by Lithuania. Despite its difficult past, it has created a distinctive culture that combines a strong drive to learn and innovate with a high regard for traditions. In Lithuania, education also refers to pursuing a higher education in a nation with higher academic standards. Lithuania was the first country in Eastern Europe to establish a university. The majority of universities in Lithuania provide housing for their students.

State universities and non-state universities are the two types of universities in Lithuania. Governmental licencing enables non-State schools to teach their own curricula, whereas State institutions adhere to state-recommended curricula.

study in Lithuania

Life in Lithuania

The Curonian Spit, a stunning stretch of desert-like sand along the edge of the Baltic Sea, is known around the globe as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Lithuania Minor, a seacoast region. Each region’s own customs, preferences, cuisine, and music contribute to the diversity of Lithuanian culture as a whole. Lithuania is an excellent place for school, business, or tourism because living expenses are lower than in Western nations.

Benefits of Study in Lithuania

High Education System

Lithuania has a long history of higher education and provides a welcoming environment for foreign students. A wide range of Lithuanian universities offer over 350 English-taught study programmes for international students to choose from. Students have the option of studying full-time or part-time.

Cost of Study

The cost of education in Lithuania varies from university to university, depending on the level of study and study programme chosen by the international student. Tuition fees are typically announced annually by universities. Bachelor studies in Lithuania typically cost between 2200 and 6500 EUR per year.

Admission Process

Students apply directly to their preferred educational institution. In most cases, applicants for Bachelor’s degrees must have completed secondary school. In order to be admitted to a Master’s programme, the applicant must have completed a Bachelor’s degree.

Document Required

List of Document Required

  • Letter of Acceptance from a Recognised University.
  • English proficiency requirements g. IELTS, TOEFL
  • A certified copy of your academic transcripts, educational certificate (Degree, Diploma etc.)
  • Photo copies of first and last pages of your passport.
  • Passport sized photographs.

UniLife Abroad Services

  • Guides in choosing the right University or College.
  • Help to select the right study programs based on the candidate’s academic profile and career interest.
  • Help students with admission to the College or University as per their decisions.
  • Help to prepare the complete application for Student Visas.
  • Helps with the extensions of the Study Permit.
  • Help to find a job while studying or after completing the study.
  • Help to prepare the application package for Multiple Entry Visa.
  • Help students with Permanent Residency.

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