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Study in Slovenia

Study in Slovenia

Slovenia is known for its stunning landscapes, breathtaking caves, and a friendly population that welcomes visitors with open arms. Slovenia, in addition to its beautiful landscapes and natural wonders, provides an excellent opportunity for education.

Slovenia has world-class universities and colleges that offer a wide range of competitive and relevant programmes. The University of Ljubljana is Slovenia’s largest and oldest university. The educational institution was founded in 1919 and currently has over 60,000 students. The University of Ljubljana has 22 faculties and three art academies: Fine Art, Music, and a Theatre, Film, Radio, and Television Academy.

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Life in Slovenia

With the exception of the Slovene Littoral, which has a sub-Mediterranean climate, and the northwest, which has an Alpine climate, the territory is mostly mountainous and has a continental climate. Its economy is small, open, and export-oriented.

Slovenia has a 24-mile Adriatic Sea coastline. Mt. Triglav, at 2863 metres in height, is the highest peak in the Slovenian Alps. It is also depicted on the Slovenian national coat of arms. The Skocjan Caves in Slovenia are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Benefits of Study in Slovenia

High Education System

Universities in Slovenia are self-governing in terms of education, scientific research, and the arts. Slovenia is an ideal destination for international students who want to pursue a higher education while exploring the rest of Europe.

Cost of Study

In comparison to other European countries, studying and living in Slovenia is inexpensive. Students should budget between 550 and 600 euros per month for housing, transportation, food, and study materials.

Scholarship Programmes

There are numerous scholarship programmes in Slovenia for both international and Slovenian students. The Slovenian government provides scholarships, grants, and other financial aid to students based on merit or need.

Document Required

List of Document Required

  • Notarized copies of class 10th & 12th mark sheet, and certificate
  • IELTS or TOEFL score (whichever is applicable, must be notarized)
  • Passport copy (notarized)
  • Proof of pre-university entrance exam (‘if any’, must be notarized)
  • One letter of recommendation from the school
  • Statement of Purpose

UniLife Abroad Services

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