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Study in United Kingdom

Study in United Kingdom

The charm in the United Kingdom is unique. There is something in the land for every hungry soul to delight in, from dynamic towns to stunning country sides to woods, seashores, and lagoons. The nation takes pride in having certain internationally renowned tourism destinations that are deeply ingrained in its past. The warm, amiable, and diversified culture is what makes it a well-liked choice for international students.

The old UK Universities as well as the contemporary universities are choices in the UK. The nation also takes pride in having educated some of the most significant thinkers, artists, and intellectuals in history.

Study in UK

Life in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is not just renowned for the top-notch education it offers, but is also a historically significant and entertaining location. The cities are energetic and provide a wide range of leisure activities. There are excellent transportation connections throughout the entire nation, making travel easy and convenient. A student must ensure that their financial situation is in order before going to the country for their study. An overseas student can choose from a variety of financial options to choose the one that best meets their needs. Student discounts are offered at many retailers and convenience stores, which helps with budgeting to some extent.

Benefits of Study in United Kingdom

High Education System

For their outstanding programme quality, UK institutions have received numerous accreditations, and many of their universities are highly ranked by both The Times’ Higher Education Ranking and QS World Rankings. The United Kingdom is a nation that would offer the most incredible cultural experiences in addition to being a hub of excellent educational institutions.

Cost of Study

International students pay different amounts to study in the UK depending on the institution. Depending on whether a programme is classroom- or lab-based, undergraduate programmes may cost between £10,000 and 35,000, while postgraduate programmes may cost between £9,000 and 42,000.


Scholarships are available from a variety of institutions in the United Kingdom for international students who wish to further their education in the country. Students have numerous opportunities to qualify for scholarships at all levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate (Master’s and MBA), and Ph.D. programmes.

Document Required

List of Document Required

  • A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which is a 14-digit reference number.
  • English proficiency requirements-IELTS
  • A certified copy of all your academic transcripts, educational certificates (Degree, Diploma etc.)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds i.e. education loan/ bank statements
  • Photo copies of the first and last pages of your passport
  • Passport sized photographs

Student intake period in the United Kingdom takes place in the month of September and October and a few universities offer intake during January and February too. Because visa procedure can take up to 6 to 8 months, it is advisable that students consider applying as early as possible.

UniLife Abroad Services

  • Guides in choosing the right University or College.
  • Help to select the right study programs based on the candidate’s academic profile and career interest.
  • Help students with admission to the College or University as per their decisions.
  • Help to prepare the complete application for Student Visas.
  • Helps with the extensions of the Study Permit.
  • Help to find a job while studying or after completing the study.
  • Help to prepare the application package for Multiple Entry Visa.
  • Help students with Permanent Residency.

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